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Chairman of the Film Committee of Jakarta Arts Council

Welcome to Madani International Film Festival 2023!

Madani IFF in 2023 is a space to celebrate films that portray Muslims from all over the world. In this film festival, we are invited to embark on a journey that transcends borders, be it cultures and space through the power of storytelling on the silver screen.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Buhul” in reference to the everydayness in the context of the culture of the sea. The festival’s main programs such as Focus Country: Palestina, In This World, Tenggara, Puan Madani, Madani Kids dan Madani Classic offers us a window into the wide variety of cinemas from many parts of the world, especially films that represent issues concerning Islam. All the programs invite us to walk in the shoes of others and challenge us to see the world from fresh and inclusive perspectives. The films featured in this festival have been carefully curated to take you on an empowering cinematic odyssey like no other. Moreover, Madani FFI also offers collaborative programs such as East Cinema, Relax, It’s Just Religion, and Madani x Binus University.

This festival is not just about the films. It is about the shared experience of watching them together and how we make meanings out of the films collectively. It is also about the conversations that unfold in the corridors, the debates that spark over post-screening discussions, and the networking that form among like-minded individuals or those who share different opinions on films that celebrate Islam.

The Film Committee, Jakarta Arts Council, would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Madani FFI Team, Kineforum and our collaborative partners such as Binus University who have worked tirelessly to bring this event to life. Most importantly, to our cherished audience and festival participants, we are grateful for your unwavering support and participation in Madani FFI 2023.

We hope you find films that move you, challenge you, and leave an indelible mark in your life. May this festival be a celebration of not only the art of filmmaking that celebrates Islam as a guide in life and as a cultural expression but also the power of stories to unite and inspire us all.

Enjoy the festival! Enjoy the films, the discussions, and the moments of connection that await you!

Shuri Mariasih Gietty Tambunan

Chairman of the Film Committee of Jakarta Arts Council
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