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An Exploration

We are proud to celebrate Madani International Film Festival as it enters its 6th year. As in all 6-year-olds, this is the age for Madani IFF to expand and explore. Taking “Knots” as its main theme, we hope to unite in tolerance and a sense of humanity. Through our festival programmes, we believe both Madani IFF and its audience will find a chance to further their horizon while strengthening our sense of togetherness.

From thousands of films we curated this year, we’re particularly drawn by the exploration of relationships between parents and their children. But beyond the relatable dynamics of a family, we can also discover uncanny and slapping stories of marriages, including those involving matchmaking, and those including children.

As the world revolves and shakes us with its many adversities, we attempt to tackle as many issues as possible with this festival. Taking focus on humanity crises, we decided to amplify the voices from Palestine and place them as our focus country of the year.

We will showcase films from countries in conflict as well as East Indonesia in a special programme, East Cinema. In Qatar: Indonesia Years of Culture 2023, we will screen films that are supported by Doha Film Institute. Meanwhile, another programme, In This World, will bring us award-winning films from across the globe. Madani Kids also returns to this year’s festival, and together with children of all ages, we’ll celebrate children’s films from all over the world.

Madani wishes to be a festival that actively responds to the upheavals of the world. To watch its screened films isn’t to idly pass time, but to let your mind be exposed to the often-violent realities around us, and therefore to nurture a conscience that cares for humanities.

Let’s fasten our knots in Madani International Film Festival 2023.

Enjoy the festival.

Sofia Setyorini

Festival Co-Director
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