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East Cinema:
Microscoping East

The images we associate with Iraq might be that of warfare and the gruelling living situation it had caused. ISIS might have left Iraq, but the haunting memories they imprinted upon the Iraqi could never be exorcised.
This year, East Cinema will share these memories through a brilliantly-woven animated film about an Iraqi runaway. Another film tells of a Syrian refugee, who would continuously reframe their French experiences through the lenses fogged by the memories of their home land.

A refugee story is a common tale from conflict-ridden nations. A new home is always expected of their new country, but it wouldn’t erase the memories of their origin. In spite of having found a safe haven, the wounds of war had become scars they couldn’t dismiss.

East Cinema will also screen a film from Eastern Indonesia, which tells an ironic story of a “plastic-eating” family. This film serves as a warning of the environmental issue in Indonesia, especially in relation with garbage treatments.

Through East Cinema, we will put the east under the microscope.

Sofia Setyorini

08october16:0016:00 Kineforum: Studio Sjuman DjayaProgramEast CinemaEast Cinema: Short Compilation

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