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In This World

This programme serves as a mean to project the diversity of madani world. It is a window through which we can view stories and images of Muslim’s lives from across the globe. Through it, we can learn their faces, and therefore extend our ties and form a knot of humanity with them. These stories will bond us in empathy in knowledge that many men in many places are living through the many dark moments of life. This year, Madani will present Iranian thriller/crime films that’ll bring us into the loop of the contemporary social issues in the country. Killing the Eunuch Khan (Dir. Abed Abest, 2021) and World War III (Dir. Houman Seyyedi, 2022) spoke of the effect of Iranian neorealism through a distinctive narration of its genre. Madani IFF 2023 will also screen a documentary of Japanese Muslim converts and young Muslims, called Young Muslim’s Eyes, and it’ll be attended by its filmmakers. Through our selections from Iran, Austria, and Japan, we will unveil the breadth of madani world.

08october18:4518:45 Metropole XXIProgramIn This WorldKilling The Eunuch Khan (Koshtan-E Khajeh)

08october19:0019:00 Kineforum: Studio Asrul SaniProgramIn This WorldKalashaWORLD PREMIERE

09october16:0016:00 Kineforum: Studio Sjuman DjayaProgramIn This WorldLa Minor

10october16:0016:00 Kineforum: Studio Asrul SaniProgramIn This WorldYoung Muslim’s EyesQ&A dengan Sutradara

10october19:0019:00 Kineforum: Studio Asrul SaniProgramIn This WorldWhat Have We Done to Deserve This

11october16:3016:30 Metropole XXIProgramIn This World16 Ans

11october18:4518:45 Metropole XXIProgramIn This WorldWorld War III

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