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Puan Madani

Islam champions the equality of genders. While Islam does not subscribe to the concept of the second sex or the first ethnic, Islam believes that the honour of an individual is estimated by their faith, and not their sex. In Islamic tradition, women have the power to retain their name through marriage while respecting their paternal ancestry by adopting ‘binti’ into their full name. In Minangkabau, the matriarchal system greatly values the roles of women as the pillars of civilisation, and it protects them from exploitations, gives them rights over riches and its management. Both in religions as well as in local traditions, women are well-respected. However, the reality of the world still retains gender stereotypes, discriminations, and restricted access to education and profession against women due to social, geographical, political, and economical factors.

With Puan Madani, we will untangle, unveil, unleash, and invite the audience to feel the anxieties and to appreciate the struggles of women from all over the world. Madani IFF 2023 will screen films that represent the perspectives of women from various Islamic backgrounds.

Praise-worthy female directors will come to Madani IFF 2023, bringing with them their colourful films. Apolline Traoré (Burkina Faso) will come with Sira, Dornaz Hajiha (Iran) brought us Like A Fish on The Moon, while Sofia Alaoui (Maroko) and her Animalia will close this year’s Madani IFF. Many others are waiting in Madani IFF 2023, including Sharifah Amani and Kamila Andini who are presenting their newest short films.

Not only will we introduce you to these wonderful female directors, we will also acquaint you with the brilliant thoughts of Nur Rofiah who fights for gender equality through her preachings. Madani IFF 2023 will also celebrate 50 years of the artistry of Christine Hakim who had established herself as the soul of Indonesian cinema. And as the cherry on top, we will have Sakdiyah Ma’ruf, a Muslim stand-up comedian, who will lead a humorous reflection on women, fashion, hijab, and female’s bodily fears on the opening night of Madani International Film Festival 2023.

— Sugar Nadia Azier
Festival Director

09oktober19:0019:00 Kineforum: Studio Asrul SaniProgramPuan MadaniSira

10oktober16:3016:30 Metropole XXIProgramPuan MadaniLike a Fish on the Moon

11oktober16:0016:00 Kineforum: Studio Sjuman DjayaProgramPuan MadaniPuan Madani: “Mrs. Iran’s Husband” & “Surat Cinta Dari Pesantren (Visiting Linda)”

12oktober19:0019:00 Epicentrum XXIProgramPuan MadaniAnimalia

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